Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Combination of talents and experience to give you a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

This phrase is not new to me. But it perfectly describes the requirements for a long term successful company. Something has to be going on at the company to keep people coming back for its product or service. At Apple, its the highly innovative and functional products which have created a cult following. At the local bakery, it is the genius in the kitchen who creates delicious treats worth spending money on, and making you drool about the taste. At Starbucks, it is.....I'm not sure. But it must be something because it makes the company unique. People want to go there (OK, the employees have that Southwest Airlines type spirit!)Somehow Southwest Airlines has stayed unique and fun all these years, and now they have over 30,000 employees. Can they keep it up? Can you define why you like them? If you've ever flown on Northwest Airlines, contrast the experience and maybe it will be clearer to you.

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