Monday, December 20, 2010

Industriousness and Enthusiam

This is straight from Coach John Wooden's books, articles, thoughts, etc. for coaching a successful basketball team and it also applies to any organization. If you are going to start a business and be successful at it for the long term, these two concepts are the building block for success, and the foundation for the pyramid of success he is famous for and lets others freely copy and use. Merely reading what he has written will drastically improve the way you conduct your life. Moreover, I believe so strongly in what he is saying that I promote his ideas as a foundation for business success.
Do not even think about going into a business you are not enthusiastic about and can't wait to improve and work hard and long on everyday of the week. I don't believe you can force yourself to work hard at something you hate without a severe emotional cost. I won't name names here but someone who worked for me repeatedly told me how he hated the job he was doing, but had to do it for the support of his family. I told him I thought it was admirable and proper to perservere but that he should at least plan for a way to get out and do something enjoyable and meaningful to him.
Think about the admired and well run businesses out there that you enjoy patronizing. Consider The Container Store, which could be just another place to get "containers", staffed by unmotivated clock punchers. It instead has people eager to please and committed to doing a good job, and is a place you feel welcome. You don't wish to drastically overpay, but you aren't buying there on price alone. Think about a craftsman who enjoys his work, devotes long hours to do excellent work above and beyond his contract, develops a reputation over many years and eventually has all the work he can do, and enjoys doing it. Don't you think he is happy and successful. Isn't that the position you envision for your own business? It comes from doing what you enjoy and work hard at willingly.

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